Madison Torture Case Really As It Seems?

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I have heard about this case in Madison, where this young teenage girl was found apparently either half dressed or in pajamas or something to that effect, in the winter, on the street in Madison and she was 70 pounds. The media reported that she was abused & tortured by her parents and that they had her locked in the basement and were starving her. The parents have since been charged with multiple felonies in connection with the teenager girl. I have pretty much bought into the whole story that the media has put out there, BUT, in doing so, I know that I am only getting one side of the story and that side is coming from the prosectors of the case. So, in recent news stories, I noticed that it is being widely reported that the parents of this girl have put up a website asking for donations for their legal fees. The media seems to be putting a negative spin on that, and they also are not actually giving the website url, at least some of them are not. I did find the website (which is and I found some of what is published to be interesting. I have seen the media sensationalize stories a lot lately and I wouldn't be that surprised if this story is also sensationalized. Imagine if what the parents are saying is true, and all the information and evidence against them is coming from a 15 year old girl, who has documented mental illness and also documented non-truths. I have raised a child and I can vividly remember some scary instances where my child made some false accusations to a councelor, and I knew those accusations where false. I was lucky that nothing became of it, as it could have been a real life altering situation if that councelor had chosen to act on it. I have heard horror stories about Social Services getting involved in families where a child causes disruption and lies to authorities, only for all to find out in the end that the child was lying. On the other hand, I know that the evidence will show what, if anything, the parents did wrong, and what, if anything, the teenager lied about. It is just very sad to me that the public has already convicted the parents/family of wrongdoing, when we really don't know all the facts. The parents' website does raise some questions in my mind, and it helped me to hear a different side of the story. I noticed on one news website that they mentioned how the teenager girl's biological mother had commented that the parents were lying on their website with their story, but, why should anyone believe her, when she apparently gave up her rights to that child and also had put the child in a bad situation of residing with a sex offender. I would not consider her credible at all. Isn't it funny how the media will use whoever to help make their story more dramatic. I think we should give them a chance and see what the evidence shows. ***********UPDATE 03.15.2013************ According to news reports, the father has been found guilty of felony child abuse, but the jury could not reach a verdict on other counts. Related News Report: Father convicted of child neglect; jury deadlocked on other charges ************UPDATE 03.01.2013*********** UPDATE: Father on Trial for Starving, Abusing Daughter ***********UPDATE************ According to news reports, the father of the victim has posted $9,000 bail and is out of jail. ***********UPDATE 12.17.2012************ Related News Report: Stepbrother in tortured girl case faces new charges of sexual assault


The parents of this girl should burn in hell - anyone who tortures a child like that deserves the same!

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