Another Cop arrested for Sex Assault

A Madison area police officer has been arrested for sexual assault, according to news reports. The article says that the victim is a 14 year old child, who apparently knows the officer. Dennis P. Jenks is the officer who is now suspended from the department. Again, more sexual assaults by law enforcement. I am very glad to hear that something is being done and it's not being covered up but I am afraid that like others, his sentence (if convicted) will be a short one. It would be great to see a Judge and Jury give more prison time to those in authority positions and make an example of them. It is disgusting that these types of things are happening and every time I hear of such an incident, I get angry. We need to really work on protecting our children! We also need to really work on some better psychological testing for police officers and people in authoritive positions. This stuff is happening way too often!

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